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Bubbles and Foam

Presenter Christina Astin, a Head of Science (as well as a finalist in the BBC's Tomorrow's World presenter competition) and Dr Tony Wilde of the City of Bath College explore the world of soap bubbles and foam in a video specially designed for KS3 pupils.

There are competitions for the biggest and longest lasting bubbles (and advice from Tony, aka 'Professor Bubble') on how to prepare special bubble mixtures. We see some of the amazing patterns that bubbles can form on 3D wires, as well as the beautiful multi-coloured interference patterns that soap films produce.

There's a dramatic end to the programme, seeing foam in action to fight an aircraft fire (filmed at Bristol Airport's training centre).

The emphasis in the lab sequences is on 'grass roots' science, with easy to follow demos designed to enthuse youngsters into trying it for themselves. For teachers, there's a special introduction by Christina at the beginning of the tape.

To order copies of the tapes press on the button to visit the University of Bath's site (opens new window).






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