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The liquid Nitrogen show

The programme is a recording of a live show given by Dr Peter Ford to an audience of Year 9 students at a comprehensive school, within the school's Science lab. Peter's touring liquid Nitrogen show is a favourite with the local schools, and the video was produced to enable more audiences to see the show.

The first demonstrations, after the appropriate Health & Safety warning, are of the differences between the gas and liquid phases. Members of the audience blow up a party balloon, which is then cooled in the liquid Nitrogen. It's possible to see the contents of the balloon (which rapidly deflates) as liquid - a vivid demonstration to a youngster whose breath it was.

The favourite of all audiences is the 'banana hammer' - one of several demonstrations of what happens to ordinary objects at the extremely low temperature of liquid Nitrogen. Peter introduces familiar scientific concepts such as electrical resistance, the speed of chemical reactions, into his informal and highly visual presentation.

There is an introduction by Peter for teachers at the beginning of the tape, in which he discusses the development of the liquid Nitrogen show and its reception in schools.

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